Brazilian construction costs fall during April against the previous month, reports FGV


The National Index of Construction Costs (INCC-M) fell 0.08% in April, after increasing 0.36% in March, according to the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV).

Across the seven capitals surveyed, there were falls in the following: Brasília (0.07% to -0.15%), Belo Horizonte (2.36% to -0.12%), Recife (0.04% to 0.03%), Rio de Janeiro (0.08% to -0.04%), Porto Alegre (0.06% to 0.00%) and São Paulo (0.18% to -0.16%). On the other hand, the gauge only increased in Salvador (0.02% to 0.22%).

A drop for the materials, equipment and services group for April (at -0,18%, down from 0.26% in March) was the main contribution to the fall in the main index this month. The subgroup of materials and equipment decreased to 0.21%, after a result of 0.24% in March. For Services, there was a decrease of 0.07% compared to a rise of 0.32% in the previous month.

The National Index of Construction Costs is calculated based on the prices collected between the day 21 of the previous month and the day 20 of the current month.

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