Brazilian industrial production has a slight uptick in February


During February, Brazilian industrial production increased by 0.1% in relation to January, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

In the first two months of 2017, industrial production recorded an advance of 0.3%. Compared to February 2016, manufacturing activity fell 0.8% and in the 12-month measure, industrial production fell 4.8%, keeping up the decline that began in June 2016 (-9.7%).

Breakdown of sectors

From January to February, there were increases in three out of four top-level economic categories and in 13 out of 24 sectors surveyed. Among sectors, trailers, semi-trailers, truck bodies, and machinery and equipment were highlights with highs of 6.1% and 9.8%, respectively, reversing declines of 8.4% and 6.1% in the previous month. Other positive highlights were coke, petroleum products and biofuels (up 2.0%), metal products (a high of 4%), electrical machines and equipment (increasing 4.8%) and articles of clothing and accessories (3.4%).

On the other hand, among the 11 sectors in which production fell, the standout was the fall of food products (-2.7%), which broke two months of increases. Other negative contributions came from perfumery, soaps, cleaning products and personal hygiene (-3.7%), pulp, paper and paper products (-5.6%), metals (-1.9%) and mining industries (-0.5%).

Among top-level economic categories, durable consumer good (7.1%) and capital goods (6.5%) had the strongest increase in February. Intermediate goods (0.5) also progressed with their fourth consecutive increase. On the other hand, the semi-durable and non-durable consumer goods sector dropped by 1.6% in February, returning part of the accumulated 7.2% gain in the months of December and January 2017.

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