Consumer prices increase by 0.06% in Sao Paulo in the third reading of March

The Sao Paulo Consumer Price Index (CPI), measured by the Foundation for Economic Research (FIPE) increased by 0.6% over the second period of the month according to figures released this morning. 

Food prices dropped by 0.01% in the third forecast of March while declines of personal expenses and clothing items eased (both -0.03% in this reading). Housing costs slowed (from 0.38% to 0.28%) and transport deflation intensified (from -0.11% to -0.41%).

Below are the segments that make up the FIPE-CPI

Housing: 0.28%

Food: -0,01%

Transportation: -0.41%

Personal Expenses: -0.03%

Health: 0.69%

Clothing -0,03%

Education: 0.06%

General Index: 0.06%

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